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The best photogenic Lavender farms in London

London's luscious lavender farms are a sight to behold! London actually has plenty of lavender farms that are totally missed by most, and they are a great day out. Endless purple fields stretch out in front of you for miles. It's rare to see such a spectacular backdrop. Most lavender farms have cafes with unique lavender teas and coffees for you to try, unusual lavender products you absolutely must buy, wild flower fields, hay bale picnic areas, fields that stretch for miles and frankly, are a great day out. It's always worth picking up some fresh or dried lavender from their gift shop, I usually add the dried lavender to vases and decorate my home with it.

London's luscious lavender farms are gorgeous and absolutely must be visited. They are so photogenic and stretch for miles, check out Mayfield lavender, Hitchin Lavender and more!

why travel to the south of France to see this, when you you have this right on London's doorstep?

Hitchin lavender farm London
Hitchin lavender farm London

Exploring London's Luscious Lavender fields and farms

Have you ever wondered about places where purple dreams come alive? Amidst the ever-bustling London, there exists a symphony of serene pockets. These are not your typical gardens, no – they are lavender farms! These aromatic havens defy the monotony of urban life and offer an escapade into nature's fragrant embrace.

When is the best time to visit London's lavender fields?

Lavender typically blooms in London during the summer months, around June to August. The exact timing can vary slightly depending 3 main things, 1) the specific type of lavender, 2) weather conditions, and 3) the specific location of the lavender fields. So you'll find some lavender fields bloom in June and others bloom in August.

In June, you might start to see the first signs of lavender blossoms emerging, with the most lavender blooming in July. During this time, the lavender fields are at their most vibrant, with the plants covered in fragrant purple flowers. The blooming season can extend into August, but it starts to turn a little sun-burnt and weathered, meaning the lavender becomes a little dull and lifeless!

It's a good idea to check with individual lavender farms for specific bloom updates and any special events they might be hosting during the lavender season. Keep in mind that the timing can vary slightly each year due to factors like temperature and rainfall, so it's always a good idea to plan your visit accordingly.

Mayfield Lavender Farm London

Imagine walking through a sea of purple. Mayfield Lavender, a gem amongst lavender farms, beckons like a secret garden. Rows of lavender stretch like symmetrical verses, and as you wander, the gentle hum of pollinators becomes a sonnet in itself. A sensory explosion awaits you – the brush of lavender against your fingers, the symphony of bees composing their opus, and the soft rustle of leaves conspiring with the breeze. Obviously, you can't miss the incredible iconic red telephone box! It's truly a British icon if there ever was one.

Don't miss their wild flower field too which is worth photographing!

Entry is £4 per person. Address: 1 Carshalton Lane, Banstead, SM7 3JA

Mayfield lavender farm with red telephone box
Mayfield lavender farm

Hitchin Lavender Farm London

Step into a realm where lavender and sunflowers waltz together. The Lavender Farm at Hitchin Lavender is a masterpiece where vibrant gold embraces delicate purple. The landscape evokes a painter's canvas, as rows of sunflowers stand tall like sentinels guarding the lavender's delicate elegance. This tapestry of colour presents an opportunity to witness the subtle dance of contrasts – a juxtaposition that soothes the soul. It's worth having a look at their farm shop - maybe consider buying some for their lavender cream, it's so fragrant and delightful.

Don't forget to buy tickets in advance, it costs around £6 per person.

Address: Hitchin Lavender, Cadwell Farm, Ickleford, Hertfordshire, SG5 3UA

Hitchin lavender farm London
Hitchin lavender farm London

Lavender Farm at Castle Farm Kent:

In a land where time races, Castle Farm Lavender Farm offers a fragrant refuge, ideal for minds young and curious. An ode to simplicity, this lavender farm invites you to partake in the rhythm of the land. As you stroll through the labyrinthine paths, the harmonious blend of lavender and earth hugs your senses. The fields unfold like a watercolour painting, with the purple that stretches for miles and contrasts against the vivid blue sky, creating a surreal dreamscape. The smell is quite simply, incredible and it's the perfect place to stop for a tea or a picnic.

Address: The Hop Shop at Castle Farm, Redmans Lane, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 7UB

castle farm lavender field, Kent, London
Castle Farm lavender field

Kew Gardens

Amidst the sprawling haven of London's botanical wonders, prepare to be dazzled by an abundance of breath taking gardens that you'll find in Kew. However, ensure you try to find the spikes of lavender, adorned in a regal shade of violet-blue. These lavender shoots peer intriguingly from their abode amidst the carefully crafted greenery of the Duchess Border. This enchanting spectacle unfolds along the outer wall of the Duke's Garden, a visual harmony between nature and architecture.

A regal tale intertwines with the Duchess Border, as it transforms into a haven of experimentation for Kew's lavender and other Mediterranean gems. This tale of botanical exploration dates back to the year 1990, a chapter where lavender and its companions unfold their secrets in this royal sanctuary.

While navigating the gardens' 250-year history, keep an observant eye out for scattered patches of these purple gems. You'll find them as if playfully scattered, their presence gracing the landscape with an artistic flair. These lavender clusters even find companionship among the lush vegetation of the Prince of Wales Conservatory, a harmonious mingling of colours and scents.

Plan your visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew (TW9 3AE), where the doors swing open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Over the weekend, the gardens embrace visitors from 10am to 8 PM. Entry cost £21.50 for adults, £15.50 for those seeking concessions, and £5.50 for children aged four to fifteen. As a generous gesture to the tiniest explorers, those under the age of four venture in without charge.

Carshalton Lavender

At the heart of the historical Carshalton village, a community endeavor thrives – Carshalton Lavender. This venture converts a London corner into a lavender haven, where the scent of blooming lavender mingles with the echoes of history. It's always worth picking up some fresh or dried lavender from their gift shop.

Lavender in jam jar

Surrey Docks Farm Lavender Field

An oasis within the urban expanse, the Surrey Docks Farm Lavender Field offers a serene sanctuary. Alongside the calming scent of lavender, the farm introduces you to animals, blending the tranquil with the educational.

Lavender at Forty Hall Vineyard

Imagine lavender fields intertwined with vineyards – a picturesque scene found at Forty Hall Vineyard. This unique amalgamation brings countryside serenity to the city, where vines and lavender coexist in harmonious elegance.

Oak Tree Lavender Field, Croydon

In Croydon's borough, a lavender haven awaits discovery. The Croydon Lavender Field, tucked away, welcomes you with vibrant blooms and fragrant trails. A tranquil space offering a break from urban velocity. If you can, stop here for golden hour and you'll get beautiful light.

Oak Tree Lavender field croydon

Lordington Lavender

Nestled in the heart of West Sussex, not far from London's reach, Lordington Lavender presents an enchanting escape. Rows upon rows of lavender unfurl like a purple tapestry against the sprawling countryside backdrop. The fragrant symphony dances with the wind, inviting you to immerse in its embrace.

Caldwell Farm Lavender Fields

Nestled like a well-kept secret, Caldwell Farm boasts lavender fields that whisper stories of tranquility. As you step into this serene realm, you're greeted by lavender that sways like a choreographed dance. The purple hues against the lush greenery create a visual masterpiece, a snapshot of nature's artistry.

These hidden lavender fields extend an invitation to traverse London's less-known facets. Each adds its own hue to the city's canvas, a testament to the intertwined relationship between urbanity and nature.

That's it! Let me know how you get on.

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