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Best eco stays & eco lodges Bali in 2023

Bali is one of the hottest destinations in 2023 thanks to Instagram, and comes with some of the best eco lodges in Bali. You'll more than likely have seen some of the incredible instagrammable bamboo lodges and eco stays in the middle of the jungle, overlooking rice paddies and terraces. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Eco tourism is a booming industry and great for local communities.

Becoming an Eco Friendly traveller

When we don't appreciate or respect local customs, the authenticity of a place begins to erode; we've seen it happen, where a tourist destination becomes more about the tourists than it does the local custom. Travelling is all about experiencing different cultures and customs, appreciating local landmarks, landscapes, and meeting new people. If we can keep the authenticity of the local places we travel to, then they can be enjoyed for generations to come, whilst supporting local communities and maintaining pristine landscapes and wildlife. I think the saddest thing about some locations is when cultures and customs die out.

What is an Eco Lodge?

Bali's eco-retreats are scattered throughout the island, tucked away in popular tourist areas like Ubud, Uluwatu, Selat and Kintamani. They're usually picked with the best locations in mind; untouched natural surroundings, overlooking rice paddies or luscious, thick rainforests. These eco-lodges are meticulously designed to minimize their ecological footprint and harmonize with the environment. They are an ideal sanctuary for anyone; they are stunningly beautiful and of course, they champion ecotourism.

Remote and secluded, eco-lodges is another experience that you simply must try. There are three principles that define an eco-retreat as sustainable:

  1. Integration within the natural environment so they blend with their surroundings, preserving the natural beauty of the land and delicate ecosystems.

  2. Supporting local communities remains a vital tenet of eco-lodges. Through collaborations with nearby communities, these establishments foster economic growth and empowerment of the local populace.

  3. Environmental awareness and educational programs; These initiatives educate guests on indigenous ecosystems, wildlife and conservation efforts.

What is regenerative tourism?

Regenerative tourism is meant to be tourism that gives back more to people, wildlife and communities than it takes. By picking accommodation and restaurants run by local communities, you'll be contributing to regenerative tourism.

What is the best way to support the local community?

It's important to spend money locally, with locals. Instead of opting for all-inclusive hotel chains, choose to eat out at local restaurants, go on tours with local guides, and use companies outside your hotel and local taxis.

Balinese woman making traditional offerings

All Inclusive resorts: why you should consider eating out

People are becoming more aware of not choosing to stay in all-you-can-eat resorts, which is great. Spreading the wealth to local communities via their restaurants, ice cream parlours and bars is a great way to support local communities, otherwise the profits sit only with one hotel organisation.

Animal Tourism

Additionally, cruel animal tourism in the form of elephant rides, monkey performances, etc., is becoming less and less popular, but it still exists! However, there has been a sharp rise in animal sanctuaries, and it can be difficult to tell whether this is a new guise of animal cruelty. It's definitely worth doing your research before visiting any sanctuaries or any animal tourism.

How do I know if an accommodation is eco friendly?

The below list should give you a good idea! There are tonnes of options for you to choose from when picking accommodation that is respectful and beneficial to local communities. You might choose to book accommodation with locals, such as a homestay, farmhouse, or local B&Bs. If you decide to book through one of the larger hotel booking websites such as, look out for the Travel Sustainable mark, which comes with three different levels. has partnered with sustainability organizations, like Sustainalize, that take into account five crucial aspects of travel sustainability.

Travel & tourism is great for economies and brings money into local communities. The money you spend will go a long way towards infrastructure, education, schools, and healthcare. By choosing accommodations that support local communities, you are making a positive impact on the destinations you visit.

There are plenty of websites where you can book eco-hotels and eco-BnBs, and some of the hotels are incredible, but I tend to book through as there are a bunch of options on there. These accommodations prioritize sustainability and offer a unique and eco-friendly experience for travellers.

Best Bali Eco Stays and Eco Lodges in 2023

Bali, the magical island known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture, has a tonne of eco-friendly accommodations that allows travellers to connect with nature while preserving the environment. From luxurious eco-resorts to bamboo eco-lodges, these eco stays in Bali not only provide comfort and relaxation but also prioritize sustainability, locally sourced materials, and eco-friendly practices. Bali has some of the best eco resorts and eco luxury resorts in the world; it's the best place to start!

Magic Hills Bamboo House

Magic Hills Bamboo House is a unique eco-stay that is probably my favourite in all of Bali. It celebrates the beauty and versatility of bamboo architecture; it's quite bizarre at first because it's an open air bamboo house, meaning it has no walls. This eco-friendly retreat offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in nature while staying in beautifully crafted bamboo cottages. With locally sourced materials and a commitment to sustainability, this eco-lodge provides an unforgettable experience where guests can unwind in harmony with the natural surroundings. Take in the breath taking views, relax on your private terrace, and let the magic of the bamboo house transport you to a world of eco-luxury and tranquillity. It also has its own built in cinema - definitely the most incredible way to watch a movie!

There are two resorts here underneath the same hotel, check both for availability! Magic Hills Angel House

Magic Hills Queen House

Tugu Hotel Canggu

This super luxurious 5 stay getaway is a hotel that they liken to a living museum - they stay true to their Balinese heritage and customs throughout. You will learn more about the legends of Indonesia, folklore, romantic tales from the past and you will witness the offerings - everywhere I looked there were local frangipani flowers decorating the statues and tables and it's just one of the small things that reminds you . It has a focus on locally sourced materials and is decorated with plenty of authentic artifacts and statues. This luxury hotel is an ideal choice which is just 100m from Canggu beach, what more could you want? Their Balinese villas are true to their heritage, made with carved four poster beds and your very own sunken bath tub to give you your own spa experience at home.

TIP: Book yourself the Rejang Street and order a flower bath. You wont regret it!

Ulaman Eco Lodge, Tabanan

This Bali Eco Villa is stunning is a stunning work of architecture. Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort, located in Tabanan, is hidden in between and amongst trees, rice fields, rivers, and waterfalls which is the perfect place to relax or for a romantic break. This eco-friendly resort offers luxury and comfort while reconnecting with nature. The restaurant serves farm-to-fork food, and the water used throughout the resort is sourced from a filtered well. Ulaman Eco Retreat also features a customized turbine system to meet the energy needs, ensuring sustainability and environmental consciousness is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Make sure you book early this Eco Lodge Tabanan gets booked quickly!

Stone House Upstairs View Ubud

This is one of the best Eco Bali villas. Stone house is an incredible hotel with a different theme to each room. Browse their collection of incredible themed rooms; from their bamboo eco lodge built over a waterfall, to their Greek island Santorini themed rooms. Stone House build their accommodation with nature in mind, blending pretty seamlessly with the surroundings and don't have any single use plastics throughout the property.

Stone House Bamboo House Ubud

This is one of the best Eco Bali villas. Stone house is an incredible hotel with a different theme to each room. Browse their collection of incredible themed rooms; from their bamboo eco lodge built over a waterfall, to their Greek island Santorini themed rooms. Stone House build their accommodation with nature in mind, blending pretty seamlessly with the surroundings and don't have any single use plastics throughout the property.

Sarinbuana Eco Resort

This reminds me of a cute little treehouse that's tucked away in the mountains and luscious rainforest. Surrounded by lush rice fields, Sarinbuana Eco Resort is an idyllic escape for eco-conscious travellers. This environmentally friendly resort offers filtered spring water, yoga classes, and a tranquil setting where guests can unwind and rejuvenate. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bali while supporting the resort's sustainable initiatives.

Bamboo tree house Sarinbuana Eco Resort
Sarinbuana Eco Resort

Buahan Banyan Tree

Combining luxury and sustainability, Buahan Banyan Tree is an eco-resort that offers breathtaking views of Bali's natural wonders. This environmentally friendly sanctuary features villas built with locally sourced materials and offers eco-friendly amenities. Indulge in spa treatments, savor organic cuisine, and enjoy a blissful retreat overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Buahan Banyan Tree Hotel Bali

Jungle House, Firefly Ubud

This jungle house is super authentic, just 8 minutes walk from the centre of ubud, it's tucked away in the quiet rice paddies just north of Ubud Palace. It's exceptionally serene and you can watch the farmers tend to their crops, rain or shine. Jungle House Firefly is an oasis of sustainable luxury and they are currently building more jungle lodges in the same region so there should be more availability soon!

Bird's Nest Firefly

Bird's nest was featured on Netflix's most amazing stays in the world, and its not hard to see why. is a picturesque eco-lodge that celebrates traditional Balinese culture. This eco-friendly resort offers yoga classes, organic farming, and a tranquil environment that allows guests to reconnect with nature. Immerse yourself in the charm of traditional Balinese architecture and support the resort's dedication to sustainable practices.

Firefly Bali

Hideout Bali by Ini Vie Hospitality

The Hideout Bali is absolutely stunning! This perfect bamboo villa tucked away in the luscious jungle and is located in Selat, probably my favourite place in Bali. This Bali jungle hotel is everything you could have wished for; secluded hideaways, a peaceful retreat and the sounds of crickets in the distance.

Hideout Bali Bamboo house in the jungle

Fivelements Retreat Bali

As a renowned eco-luxury resort, Five Elements Retreat Bali you'll find a mix of luxury, traditional Balinese custom and eco friendly practises. Book onto their yoga classes if you're after some real R&R and they have some great organic dining options, and spa treatments inspired by ancient healing traditions, not too shabby, huh?

Five Elements Retreat Bali bamboo hideouts

The Westin Resort and Spa, Ubud

The Westin is a super charming, Eco Resort Bali, very close to the centre of Ubud and their architecture blends extremely well with the jungle surroundings. They have an excellent infinity pool and bamboo yoga theatre. Some of their eco friendly initiatives include: no single use plastics, Recycling Used Soaps, Paper Cardboard/Starch packaging for dry amenities, Laundry Bag in Cloth or Bio-degradable, recycled glass bottles in-room recycling bins are in place. In their restaurants they use cage-free eggs, They also partner with SOS Foundation & other local partner for food donations.

Eco Six Bali

This is the ideal choice for your eco stay Bali! Your bamboo villa will overlook the tranquil rice paddies of Tampaksiring - imagine having your cup of coffee with this view?! Eco Six Bali is a great choice and a hidden gem for eco-conscious travellers and a great choice as well if you want a luxury option. This eco stay is built of bamboo and you will find the private pool is a peaceful retreat for the perfect romantic getaway. TIP: try their cooking classes and learn traditional Balinese recipes.

Bamboo House with pool Eco Six Bali

Puri Dajuma Beach Eco-Resort & Spa

Located on Bali's west coast, Puri Dajuma Beach Eco-Resort & Spa offers a serene beachfront escape with a strong commitment to sustainability. The resort boasts eco-luxury villas, a beautiful swimming pool, and an organic garden where guests can enjoy fresh produce. Book in quick for beautiful sea views at this Eco Retreat Bali!

Bambu Indah

Renowned for its eco-luxury concept, Bambu Indah combines natural beauty with sustainable practices. This unique eco-lodge features antique Javanese houses and locally sourced materials. Guests can immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings, indulge in organic cuisine, and take part in yoga classes to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Le Green Village Bali

Le Green Village Bali is located on the island of Nusa Penida, you'll find a collection of villas that are the embodiment of sustainable accommodation and its a good thing too because it comes in at a sustainable level 2. This eco-friendly stay showcases the beauty of living in synergy with nature; the beautiful mountains make for a stunning backdrop.

Villa Beji Indah

Tucked away in the rice fields of Ubud, Villa Beji Indah offers a serene retreat with an emphasis on sustainability. This eco-friendly villa boasts a private pool, lush gardens, and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Relax in the natural surroundings, enjoy the tranquil ambiance, and embrace the beauty of responsible tourism.

Villa Beji Indah hotel eco lodge resort - pool and traditional bali house
Villa Beji Indah

Bumi Ayu Bungalows Sanur

Located in Sanur, Bumi Ayu Bungalows is an eco-friendly Bungalow that blends nature and comfort. Ubud is famous for these peaceful jungle retreats; it's surrounded by lush gardens, rice paddies and palm trees you can't go wrong with this one.

Mandala Desa

This is located right in the traditional Balinese village, Mandala Desa it's a lovely little unique eco-friendly stay surrounded by rice fields and natural beauty. This eco-resort allowws guests to get a rare glimpse into traditional Balinese life, offering organic dining options and a peaceful environment. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the local culture while supporting sustainable tourism.

Kayumanis Ubud Private Villas & Spa

Kayumanis Ubud Private Villas & Spa is a luxurious eco-friendly retreat set amidst the tranquil beauty of Ubud. This eco-resort offers private villas with natural surroundings, organic dining options, and a range of spa treatments. Indulge in the ultimate eco-luxury experience while supporting the resort's commitment to sustainability.

The Nude House

The Nude House is, quite frankly, stunning. It has an incredibly unique structure and is particularly stunning from the outside, and especially so at night. It reminds me a little bit of a fairy house, tucked away in the woods with candy floss clouds that sit over the top; utterly magical. It's a gorgeous retreat, situated in front of rice paddies and a huge towering volcano. It has an open view and open walls; meaning you can look out onto the rice paddy fields and watch the sun set and the sun rise. It also has a wonderful swinging bamboo chair, 2 double beds (one which is suspended, like a swing!) and a wonderful kitchen and dining area.

That's it - Enjoy these stunning eco lodges and bamboo retreats and let me know if you stay in them!

Full disclosure! Some of the links here are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission from every booking made. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps keep me writing and sharing my travel guides free of charge to you :) Thank you for your support!

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