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About Me
Adriana Neptuna Wanderlicious. A girl visit the Blue Mosque in Amman Jordan
Adriana Neptuna Wanderlicious. A couple on the beach in the maldives with a heart drawn in the sand
Adriana Neptuna Wanderlicious. A girl and boy taking pictures with their heads out the sand

Hi! I'm Adriana. I have an enthusiastic zest for life and I am the eternal optimist. I’m quick to smile, quick to love and always looking for an adventure.

A quick overview:

  • I love adventure, travel, fashion and fun.

  • I am a tomboy disguised in a dress.

  • I am probably the clumsiest person you will ever meet.

  • 95% of the time I am happy and in a good mood.

My motto...

My life motto is to be kind and to have fun. So that is me in a nutshell. I always try to be kind and I am always looking to have fun. If something is not fun, I won’t do it. I am the absolute worst when it comes to boring situations; I just can’t hack it. I was not made to live a boring life, which is why I’m always out, looking for my next adventure, meeting friends, being active or hanging out with my other half, Mike. I guess that’s why Instagram suits me, because when I get invited to an event or challenged to go somewhere new, I accept it with relish.

Growing up

I was born in Australia but I am actually fully Polish by blood, and lived in both countries growing up. During my childhood I moved 5 times across the world by the time I was 13. Maybe that sparked my passion for travel; being immersed into different cultures had a really profound effect on me. At 12 years old I found myself as the only non-Arabic kid in an Arabic school, eating wildly different food and learning about a completely different culture. It was great.

It gave me opportunities at a young age that I wouldn’t have experienced in a traditional upbringing; I was lucky enough to ski in the Polish mountains, surf the Australian ocean, quad bike in the desert in Dubai and stand in the rain in England (haha). Just kidding, England has a beautiful countryside.

A contradiction to myself

I know I am a constant contradiction to myself and don’t feel there is any box I fit into. I am both very girly and very tomboyish. Sometimes I’m incredibly chatty and bubbly, and then people get really surprised when I’m quiet and thoughtful (“What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet?”). I can be very outgoing, but then sometimes you might find me tucked away, completely engrossed in a book. The only consistent trait of mine is that I am generally happy and easy going.

I have flaws

People always like to talk about the good parts about themselves, but never the bits to work on, haha. I’m quite chaotic.

I’m always about 5-10 minutes late for everything. I have dropped or spilt every cup of tea I’ve ever made, driving my other half Mikey insane (hahaha, am I the only one that thinks this is actually hilarious?). On that note, I always forget to finish my tea.

Sometimes I am so engrossed in my own thoughts and ideas that I am oblivious to the world around me. This is one thing about myself that upsets me, because I don’t ever mean to be rude but I might do something inconsiderate and blank someone or forget to open a door for someone.

But overall I like being chaotic; it is fun and it makes me, me. I have started to embrace my flaws and making fun of them is a good place to start.
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